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Export: Lazio worst in Italy

Export, UE -Japan Trade Deal

The European Union and Japan announced a broad agreement on Thursday that would lower barriers on virtually all the goods traded between them. For more information contact us

Anche Siena oltre la finanza. Export e turismo le ricette del futuro

Interessante pezzo pubblicato sulle colonne de LA STAMPA di questa mattina. Per questo noi abbiamo lanciato #tusciaexport™ e #romaexport™


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Advice during the internationalization of a business

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  • Management planning and management control
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  • Free vocational training
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  • Business model analysis
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  • Overview of the target market and new markets scouting
  • Participation in international trade fairs and organisation of events and exploratory missions
  • Communication and BPS marketing abroad
  • Network planning and overseas partnerships structuring
  • Company relocation/Relocation of companies
  • Customs issues and fiscal aspects of foreign trade
  • Legal advice on company law and international private law

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