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сохранить дату 11 октябрь 2018

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Ambiente 2019 country partner: India

India will be the big surprise of Ambiente 2019. It presents a whole range of consumer products on the subjects of cooking, dining, houseware and leisure as well as gifting, interior design and interior furnishing. Over 90 percent  of the exhibition space has been booked already. If interested, please contact us

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Innova Venture — LazioInnova

The new Regione Lazio Fund for Venture Capital as innovation of the previous POR.I.3 Fund. MAIN FEATURES 20 mln euro Fund (POR FESR Lazio 2014 – 2020) Market sectors: All Public co-financing:  euro 350.000 minimum /  euro 2 mln maximum Maximum investment length: 5 years To get further information, please contact us

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презентация отчета ITA 2018

за каждый связаться с нами

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