Our directional and strategic advice addresses to senior management and offers professional support and mentoring, both highly qualified in taking  those decisions whose impact is relevant on the pillars of the company, namely: stability, profitability and continuity. We are by entrepreneurs’ side in order to plan their businesses development in the light of the new challenges and the new window of opportunities existing in the global and local economic environment.

In other words, directional ad strategic advice is a kind of one-to-one business coaching which allows entrepreneur to set the company assets and priorities with renewed trust. In doing so, original targets will be regained in an updated, functional and successful vision.

The goals of our directional and strategic advice are to confirm, renew and share the vision of the company at every level by clearly redefining strategic guidelines in order to encourage an increase in business and the company relocation on the market as well.

The main instruments of our consulting are:

Management planning and management control of a firm are two phases connected in a logical and chronological way.

Management planning is intended as a complex activity that serve as a connection among important managerial actions, namely: operational, technical, commercial and productive dimensioning and structuring; definition of strategic objectives and more specific goals; identification of the financial and human resources that serve to achieve specific objectives.

The following control activity aims to ascertain the deviation between the definition of the objectives and what has been achieved within a given time frame by investigating the causes of a possible failure.

A constant and well-organised performance audit provides the possibility to implement corrective actions  so that to affect mistaken conducts on the market at the hands of the company, or even possible errors related to internal dynamics committed by their cooperators or employees.

A performance audit which is organised in the correct way and within the proper time frame allows to optimise human and material resources as well as financial ones. Above all, it prevents risky repercussions that may cause not only loss of incomes and competitiveness, but that may also adversely affect entrepreneurs’ credibility and company rating.

Business start-ups and new business concepts of established companies need a feasibility study able to provide all those useful elements on which business and economic-managerial strategy must be based.

Our service assists, advises and complements entrepreneurs in  defining the business plan, providing as well assistance to build it in detail and taking into account all the stages of a complex process of drawing up which demands attention, competences, professionalism and expertise.

A business plan is a dynamic tool which must consider the countless internal changing elements of a company, as well as its external variables. The regular revision of a business plan implies to move with the times, reducing the latent risks of the reference markets and helping the governance to take relevant decisions in a prompt and conscious way.

A well-drafted and updated business are successful instruments that allow to set upon the market and move with the times.

It would appear superfluous to underline how the search for funding sources is of the utmost importance for a company which operates in a more and more competitive marketplace.

The analysis of funding and credit sources previously engaged by the company, together with a sound understanding of the true extent and of the benefits resulted in the sample period, are essential steps that help to estimate the fairness of guidelines and the real adherence to the holding’s own requirements.

The analysis of funding and credit sources is directly related to management planning (see the devoted page). That is why it cannot be neither independent nor untied to the overall assessment of the organisational and capital structure, as well as of the requirements and strategic goals of the company.

Our service of analysis of funding and credit sources permits to separate and compare the importance of internal and external sources. In so doing, it would be possible to evaluate holding’s own requirements and the actual need of acceding to outside sources, to the related costs – both direct and indirect – to the possible exposure and the declared or expected benefits.

Moreover, the analysis of sources aims to search for and identify budget and credit lines that, in the light of the balance driven by management planning and performance audit over the period considered, best fit the company legal form and ensure added value to both ordinary and exceptional business activities.

The first step is to diversify adherence to external budget lines by separating risk capital from ordinary and facility credit, and by assessing, separately, possible straight grants or capital grants. Moreover, co-financing to which companies are often covered in case of grants are never to be underestimated. Last but not least is the search for risk capital which aims to provide more stability to own-capital resources with no need to ask for any form of guarantee.

Resources, whether they are own-capital or external, need to be spent cleverly. Jacques La Palice would certainly agree with us but, in a global stage and in nowadays complex markets, such a clear statement is not always so easy to implement.

The countless variables of forms of investment, the diversification of funding and credit forms, changing taxes, legal uncertainty and bureaucratic lethargy make optimisation of sources one of the most important and crucial dynamics operating in modern businesses.

Optimisation of sources cannot disregard an accurate analysis of company’s costs, both structural and incremental, making a distinction between contractual and non-contractual costs. Essential costs should be rationalised while those that seem – at least in the period considered – not effectively allocated should be removed.

Our service of optimisation of sources and rationalisation of costs begins with the reading of the budget and the consulting with the entrepreneur, who accepts risks and bears costs depending on the definition of strategic objectives and the results expected in the reference period

Nowadays, there are different kinds of networks. Our developing service of business networks, networks tout-court and partnerships does not confuse them and enables our customers to carry out a thorough appraisal, deciding which network would be the most reliable and useful in order to achieve the stated goals.

Business network is that innovative and more and more common tool which allows different companies to structure themselves without resorting to business combination forms.

Due to the strong formal interdependence among the companies of the network, it is of great importance to implement an accurate feasibility study before structuring the network.. It is also relevant, after the conclusion of the contract, to manage the governance in order to achieve its goals within the time set.

However there is a different kind of network which is less formal than business network, but equally important in determining the success of a company. It is commonly defined network. Network is intended as all the entities that serve for a firm in various ways. It is the interweaving of relationships which characterise a company in a specific geographical area, reference market and predetermined target.

The network (tout court) is at the same time a valuable marketing tool, an agent that facilitates complex processes, agora in the polis of trade in goods and services. It often arises spontaneously; very often in our modern communication society, the development of a stable network, which serves the strategic goals of the company, demands a hard and continuous work.

Another kind of network is the so called partnership. This is something in between business networks and networks (tout court). By partnerships all those bilateral or multilateral relationships which may result in cooperation or, as usual, in contracts of large-scale  and small-scale distribution, are formalized.

For more detailed information, consult Network planning and overseas partnerships structuring on the Import/export page

We are perfectly aware that human resources recruitment and management go further than the assessment of eligible professional profiles. As a matter of fact, certain features may arise only by displaying multiskill and in unaffordable timing.

Moreover, we are well aware that internal management of profiles and skills may be a delicate issue for a company. Human resources are the greatest drivers of a company. A well planned organisation chart, fair professionals, healthy and nice working environment, an overall positive atmosphere of sharing and cooperation, clear but not oppressive rules make us understand human resources’ effective value.

Sometimes, uncomfortable situations may injure enduring or newly established relationships. In such cases external professional assistance is needed in order to support the entrepreneur in recovering those injured connections. Experience shows that businessmen are often reluctant to allow other to set foot in the company and even speak to their employees. It is worth remembering that our consulting firm operates in tandem with the entrepreneur, for the sake of the company, and that an external action, thus distant from internal negative dynamics, can be more conclusive than other carefully-considered, informed decisions.

It is clear that a calm, motivated and satisfied staff not only carries out his work in the best possible way but it also promises fluidity in the company’s business that could otherwise be slowed down or be subjected to sharp actions by third parties.

That is the reason why we have recently started pathways which encourage team building, from traditional methodologies to ground-breaking opportunities on the open sea, in the mountains, in prestigious sites or in the city centre. These leisure activities involve directors, executives, managers, technical staff and employees alongside in order to create a winning business team.

One-to-one business coaching is a service addressed to companies that want to invest in their own directors and employees by improving performances and supporting operational management of critical situations.

We believe that entrepreneur, as well as company leaders who make a key contribution to achieving the goals of the business plan, should be the first to benefit from one or several sessions of business coaching.

Thank to our one-to-one business coaching, the entrepreneur and all employees start an individual path that involves both business and personal goals. We can do this by promoting different activities – including recreational activities – that influence training, emotional stability, and professionals’ motivation.

We want traditional and brand new means of communication to coexist in order to guarantee a balanced and successful media presence. This is the aim of our communication and marketing tools.

On the one hand we maintain relationships with well-known and eminent press, both local and national; on the other hand, we closely follow sectoral media. We know that opinion leaders do value official press but we are also aware that, nowadays, successful communication has to take advantage of web 2.0 technologies. Social networks and mobile apps are innovative and essential means of widespread communication that grabs young people attention.

That is why we maintain close relationships with media and, at the same time, we pay attention to market dynamics, being perfectly aware that during the development of a business, a product, or a service, to make the right choice in terms of communication and marketing can lead to success.

We keep up with new forms of branding and rebranding, including the more and more common product placement that is extensively used by international brands and multinational corporations in famous movies and tv series.

Due diligence is a relevant measure for company’s strength. If a business is interested in the acquisition of another company or of one of its branches, a due diligence will be started. By performing this type of investigation the company will obtain information about the balance sheet, as well as financial position and management in order to enhance the quality of information available to decision makers.
Our firm operates with highly educated professionals in the field of Revenue, tax law, accountancy law, company and insolvency law. We support natural and legal persons, companies and organizations that have to deal with a complex regulatory framework related to direct and indirect taxes, extension and tax deadlines.

After a free prior assessment, our professionals will put their expertise at our customers’ disposal. As a result, we enable entrepreneurs to face specific emerging challenges thank to a dedicated and professional service

Our team puts at your disposal certified accountants, professionals who are members of the INT, auditors (members of RRL register), and tax advisors.

The bank is a valuable interlocutor; sometimes, it may also be an actor that employs unlawful procedures to the detriment of businesses, professionals and account holders.

Our consulting services for banking support our customers’ business, law firms or natural person during all the stages of a collaboration with a credit or financial institution, including:

  • Account analysis report
  • Identification of the best financial products (funds, stocks, bonds…)
  • Substitution and renegotiation of debt (by reference to law 244/2007)
  • Renegotiation of floating rate mortgages concluded before May 29th 2008 and allocated for the purchase, construction and renovation of starter homes
  • Favourable tax treatment and/or non-refundable loans intended for industries, trade, and craft (by reference to law 140/92; law 215/92; law 488/92; law 598/94; law 449/97)
  • Confirmation of the acceptance of anti-usury law (by reference to law 108/96 and following)
  • Drafting of technical evaluation concerning judicial and non-judicial stages of established or in work proceedings
  • Fixation of T.A.E.G. (annual percentage rate of charge – APR), identification and quantification of compound interests according to the recent legislation (2014).
EUROSTUDIO SABATINI put at your disposal a team of lawyers, legal experts and professionals in order to guarantee expertise in the field of legal issues, tax matters and accounting:

civil law, labour law, family law, inheritance law (procedure of succession), will, contract law, compensation for damage, condominium/condo litigation, road accidents and revenue, but also criminal law, company law, business law, tax law, banking law, European law, customs law (regulation) and international civil law.

Both initial contact and first advice concerning the legal issues introduced above are free of charge